Wendy Karnish

Creative handmade clothing from Boulder, Colorado.

Wear the Art.


Textile Tour

September 2024

Starting in Dublin, visit fabric stores, designers’ studios, glove makers, Grafton Street. Free time to visit Jameson’s Distillery, Guinness brewery or Trinity College and Book of Kells. Travel to Letterkenny, County Donegal, visiting a local lighthouse, a silk painter, great beaches, wonderful food. Head to Donegal town, visiting local spinning, knitting and weaving studios.

Details to come. If interested, contact me at wendykarnish@comcast.net.

Shop from your Closet

Why do we think we have nothing to wear when our closets are crammed with clothes?

We will first purge all pieces that are too worn, no longer fit or aren’t a style we really like anymore. Then make outfits of what is there and identify what is needed. Then go shopping! $75.00/hour

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